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The purpose of this category is for the Marketing DAO to have a space to continuously update the community.

The community can:

  • Ask questions
  • Request initiatives
  • Provide feedback
  • Suggest new ideas

and more!

Join the marketing DAO here: Telegram: Contact @archwaymarketingdao


Thank you for setting this up and anyone, please join and let’s create awesome way of distributing content across multiple channels.

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I’m playing catchup from the initial marketing/growth dao conversation many months ago.

I’m curious, does this dao have plans to support direct user acquisition growth campaigns?

I’m heavily biased here as I do this for a living (transparency :slight_smile: ). If so, I’d like to give a step by step gameplan for acquiring users with cold outreach (sales funnels).

If this isn’t the focus of this dao then please disregard.

I’m in the dao’s TG chat and will contribute there :facepunch: