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Welcome to the Archway Governance Forum’s bi-weekly Governance Updates!

Here, we will provide updates every two weeks on Friday about the latest developments, decisions, and discussions within the Archway ecosystem. Our goal is to keep the community informed and engaged with the ongoing governance processes, ensuring transparency and active participation.

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Archway Governance Update - Jul 7, 2024

Welcome to the bi-weekly Archway Governance Update!

This update includes recent proposals and ongoing discussions within the community. The goal is to keep everyone informed about progress and engaged in the evolution of the network.

On-chain Proposals

Prop #47: Update callback gas limit param

This proposal seeks to increase the callback gas limit parameter to 1,000,000 to allow for executing more complex transactions that require additional computational resources.

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Active Forum Discussions

Marketing DAO Budget Request
This proposal seeks $80,000 for the next 3 months to continue the Marketing DAO’s efforts in promoting Archway and its ecosystem.

Discussions over the past two weeks have focused on the ROI of previous marketing efforts and the strategic plan for the next quarter. Some community members requested detailed metrics from past campaigns to justify the budget, while others emphasized the importance of sustained marketing for long-term growth.

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Validator Set Reduction
This proposal aims to reduce the number of validators in the active set to achieve a more balanced distribution of voting power and enable more sustainable economics (i.e. a decrease in emissions).

Community members have been discussing the optimal number of validators to balance security and decentralization. Some members emphasized the need for a phased approach to monitor the impact gradually.

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Community Updates:

Given the low turnout on calls over the past year, we are transitioning to bi-weekly written updates. The aim is to provide more detailed and accessible information to the entire community. This will provide everyone a record and visibility into the discussions, and make it easier for more community members to participate async. We want to drive awareness of ongoing proposals and discussions, and get more stakeholders actively engaged!

Thank you for being an active part of the Archway community. Your participation and input shapes the future of the Archway ecosystem. Stay tuned for the next update in two weeks!

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