Marketing and Growth DAO

Spend Proposal

Implementation of “Marketing and Growth DAO”

It is important that network growth is a joint-effort, as well as the cornerstone of building a large community and active user-base. Additional responsibility of the DAO will be assisting new dApp teams with augmentary marketing efforts, providing education and marketing support.

The BonusBlock engagement protocol team proposes to create a decentralized organization on Archway to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Be the assisting arm to Archway Network when it comes to marketing exposure throughout different social media platforms, forums and online events (Twitter Spaces, AMAs, Partnership presentations)
  2. Create and manage processes for effective utilization of social media platforms and channels with careful consideration for quality and compliance concerns.
  3. Begin at Onboard new users, grow brand recognition and maintain constant growth of the community, resulting in on-chain growth.
  4. Involve experienced individuals or groups into the DAO that are related to growth-hacking, marketing experience, content and design.
  5. Manage and maintain the marketing budget as afforded by the Community Pool for the activities of the DAO

Details of the proposal:

A Marketing and Growth DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a community-driven entity designed to handle marketing, promotional activities, and growth strategies for any project, product, or decentralized platform that is built on Archway network, including the network itself.

The DAO will use a token that has no monetary value but voting power to facilitate easier, transparent decision-making and resource allocation.

  • Marketing Strategy Development in alignment with Phi Labs recommendations: The DAO would engage in collaborative discussions and brainstorming sessions to formulate an effective marketing strategy. Community members with marketing expertise and insights are welcome to propose ideas, and the entire DAO community will vote on the best strategies to pursue.
  • Campaign Planning and Execution: The DAO will plan and execute marketing campaigns aligned with the chosen strategy. This includes social media campaigns, content marketing, influencer partnerships (non-paid first), events, AMAs and more. Community members could actively participate in campaign creation and contribute their skills to its execution, as well overviewing and implementing suggestions.
  • Funding Budget Allocation: Through on-chain voting, the DAO will decide how to allocate its budget on a bi-weekly basis (time frame can be negotiated). Proposals for funding specific marketing initiatives can collectively determine which initiatives should receive funding after reviewing agreed upon standard action practices, tied closely to performance results on a weekly basis.
  • Community Engagement: The Marketing and Growth DAO would focus on fostering a strong and engaged community around the network with the help of the BonusBlock engagement platform. This involves tutorials with on-chain activity actions, steps to get started with the wallet, getting $ARCH, etc.
  • Partnerships and Collaborations: The DAO can and must explore partnerships and collaborations with other projects, influencers, or organizations to expand its reach and user base. These partnerships will be provided by the DAO in a list so the core-contributors of the Archway network can decide on approving or declining partnership. This is done to prevent any potential harm to the network (like a project fraud or another organisation that could have a detrimental impact).
  • Taking the Growth Hacking approach: The DAO will experiment with growth hacking techniques and user acquisition strategies to rapidly expand its user base. A/B testing and other data-driven approaches will be employed to identify successful growth tactics. That is the only way to determine if the activities are effective, and what must change instantly.
  • Branding and Design: The DAO core members will oversee the Archway’s branding and design elements, ensuring that the provided branding guidelines Media, Press & Brand Assets | Archway Network are always followed upon. Any misuse of the guidelines are punishable actions and taken responsibility of the core members, as well associated posted content instant removal.
  • Analytics and Performance Tracking: The Marketing and Growth DAO mission is to regularly assess the performance of marketing initiatives, using metrics that are provided by the social media platforms itself, tracking off-chain data (Cookie3), as well as user acquisition costs, and return on investment (ROI). Metrics: DAU / WAU / MAU, gas costs, new wallet created, transactions, social media follower count, and exposure, understanding organic value growth in % week-by-week.
  • Decentralized Talent Acquisition: The DAO wants to attract and onboard talented individuals in various marketing disciplines by offering the DAO token for governance and set compensation against performance. The DAO core members will review the talent and specifically analyze whether the relevant person or organization provides factual information and whether their community or followers are led by bots or organic followers. Members will also keep clear of any linked “shilling” groups.
  • Transparency and Accountability: All decisions, activities, and expenditures of the Marketing and Growth DAO will be recorded on the Discourse specialized reporting topic, and accessible to all community members. This transparency ensures accountability and builds trust among the participants.
  • DAO treasury management: Taking a multisig setup to manage DAO treasury funds that will be used for marketing and growth activities. This multisig should be a ⅗ signer, consisting of 2 Phi Labs employees, 1 Archway Foundation employee, and 2 community representatives; each selected by their represented groups. These positions will not be compensated through this proposal. Once the multisig is created and funded, the address will be made public here on the forum.
  • DAO Core members: Open Participation and Meritocracy, that is selected and approved on the Governance call. Core members can and will be changed within time based on their contributions, expertise, and dedication to the project. This merit-based approach ensures that individuals who add value to the DAO rise to become core members. Number of the proposed core members are 3 based on the communication cycle and decision making process, taking into consideration that performance review, quality control and content check takes place almost on a daily basis.

  • DAO voting power: Core members will have equally set voting power of 40%, with the remaining 60% being up to the members. There will be voting on:
    • Core strategy, goals and KPIs
    • Replacement of a core member
    • Budget spent per month
    • Quorum is met with 51% of voting power (if all core members are present)
    • Core members can delegate to other core member his voting power
    • Each contributor is a member and member can grow its voting power from other contributors by performing on a regular basis

Budget request:

We propose a demo-go for a period of 2 months consisting of a budget of $40k in ARCH. All unused funds are considered to be used in the next prior period.Expense report will be provided to the community and DAO members. According to Coinbound’s latest report of basic Web3 marketing agency cost is between 5k - 20k per month. Source: Top Web3 Marketing Agencies | Best Picks for 2023.

Another reference why Marketing DAO can be an additional effective model of decreasing costs of user acquisition.

Typical enterprise software companies spend approximately 7-15% of their enterprise value on customer acquisition. L1 Web3 companies spend 29-95%. The comparison between web2 and web3 is stark, 3-7x higher CAC relative to corporate value.

Source: Customer acquisition cost (CAC) for traditional enterprise software companies vs crypto companies – Alessandro Perilli.


  1. Set up of the DAO structure, smart contract for the multisig treasury and token setup
  2. Core members set the general strategic guide and execution plan over the next 3 months, with setting performance metrics
  3. Organizational communication and task platform based on time (if tasks are not done in the provided time, the compensation decreases to the contributor)
  4. Reporting setup and overview of the growth

Project measurable KPIs:

Number of new social media platforms managed: 7

Proposed list:

Establish relationships with publicists from different Crypto Blog platforms. This is possible by sending to their open “tip” channel interesting overviews on blockchain itself, indirectly mentioning Archway network (by getting into unpaid category and quality content provider):

  1. Bankless
  2. Brave
  3. Cointelegraph
  4. Exodus Blog
  5. Coindesk
  6. The Defiant
  7. DeFiPrime

Any other platform can be suggested along the discussions.

Engage with DeFi and Web3 platforms that represent information about the network, applications and protocols built on it. Collaboration with Web3port.

  • Community Size and Engagement:
    • Growth rate of the community over the past month: minimum is 5%.
    • Daily Active Users (DAU) growth: minimum 30
  • User Adoption and Onboarding:
    • Number of new wallets added
    • Conversion rate from website visitors to active participants
  • Brand Awareness and Reach:
    • Website traffic among all new social media platforms (monthly): 20,000 unique visitors.
    • Total social media follower growth: 2,000.
  • Partnerships and Integrations:
    • Number of strategic partnerships formed in a month: 3.

Communication and Support:

Weekly basis updates and performance presentation and review before governance call time. Easily accessible core members, as well forum discussion and suggestion in-take/processing.

Request for comment:

This is a large step into growing together as a community and core contributors of the network. By having a DAO in place for such matters it can positively impact not only the awareness but help new developer teams get the needed support of education for the marketing, as well take care of their marketing side from the early days when resources are limited. Any proposal for any presented points can be edited and improved. We are open to any discussion of this proposal.


I liked when you brought it up in the Governance call on Wednesday and it seems pretty well fledged out in my opinion to be worth a 2-month trial! I think the ecosystem has definitely been missing things like public AMAs and Twitter Spaces as of late, and a decentralized effort of active contributors getting some more rewards would probably be very affective and cost efficient.

I’d love to know who you have in mind, and even recommend some people such as @Phunky, @Dodow, and Rosa from Archway Turkey, but definitely like seeing community activation like this!

Additionally, while many projects have seen some success with Zealy, I think that partnering with Bonus Block, which could act like Zealy but also include on-chain activations can help with tangible metrics and KPIs for marketing campaigns.

Look forward to talking more about this on Wednesday’s call, but it’s a Yes for me!


Thanks so much for the input and definitely this is one of the initials that I think majority of Web3 networks are missing. We would be giving a great example in the whole industry and a standard for such DAOs to exist.
Definitely would love to connect with @Phunky @Dodow and Rosa!


Thanks for this incredible proposal, Mr. Freeman. It’s both comprehensive and clearly articulated. Considering the cost of the proposal and its limited duration as a trial, I believe it will be in our best interest to pursue this in an effort to “f around and find out.” If the community will have me, I will do my best to add value to this DAO.

Many thanks for the early support from @Eric and looking forward to hearing more from @MrFreeman on this topic at this week’s governance call! :raised_hands:


Thanks @Phunky for the comment and feedback on this one. I do believe we can nail this down with the help of experts across the community, and definitely being part of such DAO enables ANY community member express their suggestions in feedback, not only by comments but actions. I have seen so many users complaining, but when there is a way of actually contributing and even getting some royalty for that, it is an amazing way to grow. Onwards and upwards!


You got me at…

  1. Experienced individuals or groups for content and design
  2. Growth strategies
  3. A/B testing + metrics

Palpable marketing. :heart:


Awesome proposal! Nicely put together with fantastic insights.

There is a lot to take in and perhaps a slight concern is that it could be too ambitious given the amount of time and funds suggested.

That said, there is a need for marketing and education aimed at non-developers, this echoes @Eric comment on things missing like AMAs and spaces. Perhaps, this should be a short-term objective. Encompass this with an engagement protocol, then it could be a great way to gain traction and establish momentum.

Am keen to see how BonusBlock is incorporated, as have noticed you speak with plenty of knowledge on platforms such as Galxe/Zealy. I also hear that BonusBlock would offer something richer, which could be extremely useful for an ecosystem that is very much in its infancy.

With regards to creating a Community DAO, IMO this is going to be a much bigger challenge especially if we want to achieve something more long-term with a view to sustainability.

As per your sentiments to @Phunky, the approaches and plans to initiate will likely derive from the expertise in the community. I am sure that many of us can share our experiences on the matter.

In terms of sustainability, I would hope that Archway with its unique value capture mechanics that something could be developed.


Thank You So Much Eric 🫶🏻
I will continue to add value as Archway Turkey Representative / National Leader
I will continue to serve for this family


As we all have seen, the effective deployment of treasuries is a make-or-break proposition for all of the Cosmos chains. Mismanagement of funds by an unaccountable few is driving token prices into the dirt with little hope for recovery. But, Archway is in a position to succeed where most are failing. So thanks for taking the time to write out such a detailed proposal. I appreciate the accountability language baked into the vision, as well as actionable items listed & and defined time frames. It is important to be able to measure results, and I hope this prop will start a trend for how spend props will be written.

I have a few questions so I hope you don’t mind elaborating.

  1. Regarding “effective utilitization of social media platforms” (DAO objective #2), will there be an emphasis on engaging with social media in multiple languages? Are there individuals involved with the protocol team who are multilingual?
  2. Regarding DAO tokens, how will these be distributed or “earned”? Will they be fungible or NFTs?
  3. Regarding data, metrics, ROI, etc. I am curious if there is any baseline for this? Or will he DAO use the initial 2 month trial as the basis for comparison for future results?

Finally, as a community member I am interested in participating in the campaigns described and/or being closely involved in the development of this DAO. However, it is not clear how “active participation” will be selected. Will there be a system for this at the onset? Or will one of the first DAO tasks involve coming up with said system so that content creators, partnerships, & marketing experts can be chosen?

Thanks again.


Thank you so much!
Yes, the focus is to onboard the experienced part of the community to kick-start more quickly, as well as plan the strategy more rapidly while executing straightforward things.


I greatly appreciate your input here, Joe!

Yes, the proposals should be very detailed, as well as how responsibility will be taken, the expenditure, and realistic results in a given time period.

  1. There are different people who are doing multiple languages and would like to get intros from Phi Labs that are currently being used so we don’t “test” on other people.
  2. Earned by contributions, that will be needed to be reported, as well as kick-start with some basic distribution to the first experienced members in the marketing/growth sector, as well as the core members. Of course, this is not set in stone and will be discussed during the first workshop behind the scenes for a proposal while discussing this before going on chain.
  3. The first month is setup, then the second month is the review of the first, and then the review of the second month is at the beginning of the third month, where the initial decision of continuation will be made. Taking a snapshot of where we are with everything

The best practices would be: always guarantee a person who can take up the tasks, but there will be a public document to see the tasks and sign up. The period to sign up will be short to manage the performance much better. Any improvements can be adjusted as we go.


I think that the feedback from the governance call about having more specific allocations should be considered into a revision of the existing proposal. I do not think it is realistic to have an exact breakdown, but at least an estimate so that the community is aware of the spending plans.


I will summarize all the concerns that were mentioned today in the forum Governance Community Call #5: August 9, 2023

  1. estimated budget distribution/justification

$40k total budget for those:
$35k goes to human resources based on the quality and performance of marketing activities.
For instance, if we have six active members contributing on a daily basis, the posts and performance will be reviewed individually on a weekly basis, but the transfer of payment will be biweekly. The procedure:
Content creation for the post = $10 + $15 for image
That totals around 1400 marketing activities.
These numbers can change based on the input; the change can be no more than 20%
$5k is used for KOLs, give-aways, and prizes, where one action can’t cost more than $140. In total: 35

  1. process to onboard people as core DAO members
    Process: people can apply and justify their reasons for why they can particularly add value to the Marketing and Growth DAO. The transparency of each application will be submitted for community review.

  2. quality standards
    As mentioned: clearly set to use the branding guidelines, nothing else will be accepted. Get the legal/compliant guidelines on what CAN’T be mentioned or done. Images and content in general are reviewed by core team member/s.

  3. repercussions for low-quality work
    it is mentioned in the proposal.

  4. process for off-boarding core DAO members.
    Once a core DAO member can’t deliver the work/delayed work/more than 3 posts are posted that are not aligned with the compliance and branding guidelines, is being replaced to a successor.


Hey I have some question,

What steps are in place to ensure transparency and objectivity in the review process of applications for core DAO membership?

Could you provide examples of how content that aligns with branding guidelines is distinct from content that does not meet the standards?

Can you explain the process for replacing a core DAO member who consistently fails to adhere to compliance and branding guidelines?


I believe these numbers are quite high for just 2 months of activity and no core members thus far. Starting at 10K a month, for instance, with 50% going to KOLs and incentivization campaigns, and 50% going to talent, is more reasonable as you create standards for quality control etc.

The standards for quality control should also be outlined and specified to prevent confusion.

Can we get more details around the content/activities of core DAO members? Would they be creating Archway community accounts? or would they be helping the dapps in the Archway ecosystem create marketing materials? I believe the latter makes the most sense.

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I believe any specific proposal should be evaluated after the Marketing DAO structure, its mission and goals, the specific team members/contributors, the DAO members’ roles and responsibilities, and overall success metrics for the Marketing DAO are established.

Once the DAO’s structure, mission and goals, and team are established, then any proposal with success metrics tied to that specific proposal can be reviewed to be enacted.


Great point, Deedle! Would love to see more details around the DAO itself. Budgets, distribution, etc can come afterward

Phi labs should be part of the multisig to the extent appointed by Archway. Ultimately, Phi Labs is a service provider to Archway so it acts on its instructions. I propose that the multisig is comprised of 3 members/appointees of Archway and 2 from the community.

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I agree, but that is also in the original proposal directly:


I get that people want more enumeration about things, and they always will! I think that this will be one of those things where we have to try by doing. Phi Labs and the Foundation can literally freeze payments if it’s not being pursued or handled in logical manners, which makes me more comfortable with taking a shot. It’s not something that is ruggable.

@MrFreeman also brought up a great point in the governance call that this is far more transparent already than any private company is with their funding, and everything that takes place will continue to be transparent. Wasting time over guesstimating which members will contribute the most just delays growth and marketing further.

My vote is we just get this on-chain asap, get the ball moving, and see who shows up and over delivers! If nobody does, nobody gets paid… but my guess is that quite a few people who are already overdelivering for free REALLY kick it up a gear when they’re better resourced, coordinated, and funded.


First of all, DAO is transparent, unlike any other private entity, in its duties, performance, and who the people working on it are.
Transparency is achieved through reports and plans, which are compared with the objectives if they are reached. We still have no information on what is going on at the Foundation or Phi Labs.

Could you provide examples of how content that aligns with branding guidelines is distinct from content that does not meet the standards?

That is where we will speak with the core contributors of Phi Labs to establish such a consensus based on their previous experience marketing Archway Network. This is something we can’t think of out of thin air and expect it to lean towards guidelines or not.

Can you explain the process for replacing a core DAO member who consistently fails to adhere to compliance and branding guidelines?

A DAO member steps down after three failures when it comes to tasks or performance. The decision takes place in the governance call, where the DAO representatives showcase the report to determine if the activity and milestones were met. Then this member will give unfinished tasks to the core member as a “short-term” successor if there isn’t a replaceable person.

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