Update #1 on Marketing DAO

Since the approval of the Marketing DAO, we’ve done the following things over a period of time:

  1. Created rules and guidelines list for the DAO
  2. Dedicated G-Drive files with all the content materials, content tracking, and DAO members.
    Available drive location: Marketing DAO - Google Drive
  3. So far, there are two social media supporters: Twitter / Publish0x
  4. Strategy: intro phase, which presents the value proposition of the Archway Network and the ecosystem protocols.
  5. As of now, 19 content/social tasks are registered, of which about 20% are done.
  6. DAOs first performance report will be presented in two weeks
  7. So far, Marketing DAO have onboarded 13 active members, while one being from Phi Labs
  8. Our Telegram group chat, where any interested community member who has the skills and knowledge and wants to help produce content, is welcome: @archwaymarketingdao
  9. Please follow the Marketing DAO profile: https://twitter.com/ArchwayDAO
  10. Updates are regularly hosted by voice on Governance Calls each Wednesday by a DAO core-member.

Currently, the DAO is also working on the multi-sig setup, and setting up a form to get consensus on what the dApp/Protocol team needs on Archway.

Do you have any questions? Hit me up on Telegram: @Oskars_hello or join the Telegram group chat.