Seeking Community Feedback on New Thresholds and Members

Archway Community Members:

After significant deliberation among both the Liquidity Council members and the broader community, as well as the upcoming Governance Call happening on November 9th, 2023, the Liquidity Council is currently seeking input on the following matters:

  1. In light of the current thresholds that were previously implemented (max amount of ARCH per request, number of requests per team, etc) coupled with the ineffectiveness such small liquidity provisions, we are open to deploying higher amounts. Therefore two subquestions arise:

How much should the Liquidity Council request from the Foundation/what should be the total amount allotted to provide liquidity?


What should be the maximum amount deployed to a single project?

  1. Some of the members of the current Liquidity Council believe that we should also add another signatory to our current multisig (now 3/5) to increase it to (4/6). This would add another community based member and hopefully prevent any sort of conflicts of interest in the event that said community member also works for one of the teams building on Archway (that person could then recuse him/herself)

Do you believe we should add an additional person? If so, do you have any suggestions (including yourself/your own candidacy)?

On behalf of the Liquidity Council, I thank you for taking the time to provide this timely and necessary feedback, both before and after the next Governance meeting. We all want to see the Archway ecosystem succeed, and the first step to getting us there requires much greater liquidity and connectivity to other parts of the broader Cosmos ecosystem in order to lure more users to our network.




This doesn’t address the questions directly but I’d like to point out the possibility of protocol-owned-liquidity and treasury swaps for more efficient use of liquidity, a good example can be found in a recent Stargaze proposal:



I am definitely supporting any liquidity increase since it is crucial for accessing the token with less slippage. When it comes to amounts, would be great to have a summary of the previous issued amounts. Thanks!


In regards to the thresholds I do believe both the Liquidity Council budget and maximum distribution amount should be increased to help facilitate more meaningful liquidity provision.

I would suggest raising the liquidity council budget to $1,000,000 USD (or ARCH equivalent) and the maximum distribution amount of $150,000 USD (or ARCH equivalent).

As for the signing members of the multisig I support increasing the council and adding two more signors from the community (i.e. not from Phi Labs or Archway Foundation) to help further decentralize the council and provide the Community more power in determining the distribution and use of community pool funds allocated to the council.


Hey @CryptoChem0000. This is good feedback. Can you post it in the main gov proposal here: [Signaling Proposal] Budget increase and restructure of Liquidity Council

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