[Software Upgrade Proposal] Archway v2.0.0 Upgrade


Software Upgrade


v2.0.0 Upgrade - Preventing user from setting contract flat fee if rewards address is not set


Software Upgrade proposal to introduce a minor change in the protocol x/rewards module to handle a possible contract configuration error

If rewards address is not set, prevent the contract owner from setting contract flat fee (Removing of flat fee is still allowed)

This is to prevent ante handler from panic-ing as it tries to create a rewards record in min_cons_fee ante handler. See the full pull request on GitHub below:

The change will shortly be deployed and fully tested in Archway’s test network Constantine before going live for an on-chain vote

Voting Options:

By voting yes, you agree with the proposal and would like to see it passed.
By voting no, you disagree with the proposal and would not like to see it passed in its current state.
By voting abstain, you are recognizing this proposal is irrelevant to you and would not want your vote to be counted in either direction.
By voting no with veto, you fundamentally disagree with the proposal and would not like to see it reworked nor revisited.

Proposer: Ethan Illingworth


The Constantine test network was updated with v2.0.0 on Monday with this fix [NG] Explorer | Archway | Proposal #62

Testing is now underway and all being well the upgrade proposal will go live on-chain shortly