[Software Upgrade Proposal] Archway v6.0.0 Upgrade

Software Upgrade

v6.0.0 Upgrade


The upgrade adds the following features:

Enhanced Rewards Withdrawal

The process of withdrawing gas and inflationary rewards on Archway was cumbersome and expensive. A new attribute named withdraw_to_wallet has been introduced in the ContractMetadata. When this attribute is activated (set to true), instead of generating a RewardRecord for the contract upon accruing gas or inflationary rewards, the rewards will be directly dispatched to the ContractMetadata.withdraw_address.


By bumping the wasmd to v0.45.0, Archway now supports cosmwasm_1_4 capabilities.

Cosmos-sdk v0.47.7

By bumping the cosmos-sdk to v0.47.7, Archway supports new modules like x/nft and x/group. More details on what this entails, can be found here.

See the Full Change Log here.

Voting Options:

By voting yes, you agree with the proposal and would like to see it passed.
By voting no, you disagree with the proposal and would not like to see it passed in its current state.
By voting abstain, you are recognizing this proposal is irrelevant to you and would not want your vote to be counted in either direction.
By voting no with veto, you fundamentally disagree with the proposal and would not like to see it reworked nor revisited.

Proposer: spoo_bar