MMS Validator Profile

Hi everyone! MMS on the air!

Entity name and location
We are MMS, based in Indonesia Bali with a global team.
Our Web: http:/

Infrastructure location

What kind of hardware do you run? Baremetal, cloud-based…? In what geographic regions?
Our data center in Asia:
5 x (AMD Ryzen 9 5950X / 128 GB DDR4 ECC / 20TB DC NVMe) in Ceph cluster. Total 100TB DC NVMe @ 10Gbit private network

Hypervisor Compute Nodes: 3 x (AMD EPYC 7502P / 1024 GB DDR4 ECC / 2 x 3.84TB DC NVMe RAID-1) with PVE 7.1 on Debian 11.01 @ 1Gbit external network (10Gbit to Storage Nodes)

Years of experience
We are full time in crypto since 2016 and validating since 2021.

Our specialists 24/7 support the nodes of networks in the vastness of decentralization. Extensive experience and well-coordinated teamwork allow us to say with confidence that the MMS validator is reliable. Understanding the scale of the emerging economy, we confidently and responsibly approach business.

What other networks are you running validators for?
Full list of our mannet validator nodes:

MMS mainnets

Other testnet (nodes), experience and technical contributions:
Anoma, Aptos, Arable, Archway, Ares_Gladios, Ares_Odyssey, Axelar, BitCountry, Bundlr, Celestia, Clan, Cosmic, Crescent, CrowdControl, Defund, DWS, Forta, GEAR, Humanode, IronFish, Kira, KuCoin, KYVE, Laconic, MasaFinance, Massa, Massbit, Meson, MINIMA, Moonbeam, NeonLabs, Neptune, Obol, OmniFlix, Peaq, Penumbra, Pontem, Quai, SEI, SSV, StaFi, StarkNet, Stratos, Stride, Subspace, Sui, t3rn, Transformers, Near, Islamic, Espresso, GNO, Aleph_Zero, Zeeka, Kichain, Echelon, Comdex, Cheqd, Stargaze, Sentinel, NOIS, Pylons, Empower, Chronic, Stateset, Noria, Opside, Cascadia, Lambda, Nomic, BwareLabs, Neutron, Source, Prater, Mande, Befrost, Manta, OKP4, Commercio, Nibiru, Dusk, Terp, Exorde, Kawa_oracle, Axelar-lisbon, Nolus, Chainflip, Andromaverse, Humans, Namada, Inery, Taiko, Lava, Mars, Osmosis, Hermes, Andromeda, Dymension, Stratos_SDS, Quasar, zkSync, Althea, Cosmos-hub_for_Kyve, Elixir, Babylon, SGE, Goracle, Fire, SAO, Elys.

Do you have a validator voting framework and process?
We receive notifications about proposals in our notification system, then our closed MMS DAO votes for the answer option.

More Info:
MMS is a non-institutional, community+contributions driven validator , managed by an experienced team that is actively involved in various crypto projects, developing web services for users and validators. The amount of funds delegated to us in various projects is about $3,7 million.

We actively develop projects within various ecosystems (EVM, Cosmos, Solana, Polkadot) and perfectly understand the operation of networks at a technical level, which makes it possible to work smoothly both separately in networks and in inter-network communication. Our goal is the development of fast and multifunctional projects! We also provide marketing services for Web3 projects. This is not just the services of “ambassadors” in the classical sense. We offer to take on all the tasks related to community communication: creating author’s articles / reviews, video analysis of the project, maintaining official telegrams for channels of various language groups, community support and moderation (discord servers, telegram groups, etc…)

Service provider - endpoints, statesync/snapshot, explorer, service nodes you can check out technical contributions on our gitbook.

MMS is a team of crypto-enthusiasts covering most of the industry, by developing the community we help projects and our common cause - decentralization. We have the resources to create high-quality content and develop ambassadors programs to manage projects from start to finish.

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