"AM Solutions" Validator Profile

Hello lovely Archway community :orange_heart:

About Us
We are small team of blockchain passional people from Latvia called “AM Solutions

What we do
We mainly focused on technical aspects of blockchains, which are : nodes operation, chain validation, securing and monitoring tools developing.
Our slogan is : The most important is - reliability.

Experience and current position
Our experience started from 2020 and so far we running mainnet validators for more than 10 project
Some of them : Evmos, Umee, Kujira, Quicksilver, Regen, Qwoyn, Empower, C4e, some more… and finally Archway :heart_hands:

Staking and commissions
Our standard commission in most cases is 5% and never higher than 10%
We provide auto compound staking for all projects via ReStake App

What we deliver
For all chains we run validator for (and not only), we provide services which help to secure and stable chain operating, like :
:gear: Automated data snapshot services (updating every 6 hrs.)
:gear: State Sync provider
:gear: Endpoints provider : RPC, REST, gRPC, JSON RPC (including archive nodes)
:gear: Node installation guides
:gear: Remote signing and Monitoring/Alerting guides
:artificial_satellite: For all chains we run validator for (and not only) we run IBC relayers, Oracles and Bridges

Services for Archway mainnet can be found HERE :orange_heart:

Hardware infrastructure and locations
We mainly use Bare Metal services from top stable and crypto loyal data centers.
Our servers located all around the Europe.

Nodes infrastructure
For each chain we always have few nodes, which covers : validator node, sentry nodes, endpoints node, relayer node.
Our rule - to run all of those nodes at different data centers and different locations, to avoid centralization and be secured in emergency situations.

Validators security and liveness
General setups for all chains/validators:
:male_detective: Validator node hidden behind sentry nodes
:artificial_satellite: Remote signing
:rotating_light: Minimum 2 sources of alerting and monitoring

Our goals and vision
We are aiming to deliver more useful tools and features to all projects we are involved.
We would love to share our experience with all passional newcomers to build strong community.
We like to learn every.

Web : https://www.theamsolutions.info
Twitter : @Alexey48110005
Discord : AlexeyM#5409
TG : @AlekseyRiga

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