WhisperNode Validator Profile

What’s up Archway Fam! WhisperNode team checking in for duty and dropping our introduction.

Entity name and location:

WhisperNode BVI Limited as a company is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and has an entity, Whisper LLC, in Puerto Rico as well.


Our commission rate is currently 5% and will never be more than 10%.

Infrastructure location

Our infrastructure is located all over Europe and North America including International locations like Germany, France, London, Canada, North Carolina (USA), Virginia (USA), and more.

What kind of hardware do you run? Baremetal, cloud-based…? In what geographic regions?

Whispernode currently runs bare metal servers in multiple locations around the world. We are not reliant on one provider OR one geographic location. WhisperNode runs on Baremetal servers in the aforementioned geographic locations in Europe and North America including International locations like Germany, France, London, Canada, North Carolina (USA), Virginia (USA), and more.

Technical make-up of team (elaborate on no. of dev ops engineers, experience, etc.)

1 Head of Infrastructure - Gh0st (5+ years of experience)
1 Director of Operations/sysadmin - Brendan Kittredge
1 Senior DevOps Advisor - Nick Hagianis (15+ years of experience)

Years of experience

WhisperNode has been operating validators and RPC nodes since the launch of Secret Network on 9/14/2020.

What other networks are you running validators for?

WhisperNode runs validators for over 30 Cosmos Ecosystem networks including Axelar, Archway, Asset Mantle, Aura Network, Composable Finance, Cheqd, Chihuahua, Comdex, CosmosHub, Desmos, Empower, Evmos, Gitopia, Injective, Jackal, Juno, Kujira, Mars Hub, Migaloo, Neutron, Nomic, Osmosis, Passage, Quasar Finance, Secret Network, Sei Network, Sentinel, Stargaze, Stride, Teritori, Terra.

Do you have a validator voting framework and process?

We strive to be well-informed of all governance proposals prior to voting. Our process includes external discussion with other validators, delegators, and an internal discussion in our discord.

As a fully independent company, we have no external influences when it comes to governance participation, NOR do we vote on things with our own financial interests in mind. We try to be unbiased and vote based on a strong set of ethics.

After voting we do our best to inform our community of the results and be completely transparent.

Any notable contributions in other ecosystems that you would like to highlight for the community?

Additional Infrastructure Provider

WhisperNode provides RPC, API, and gRPC for 30+ chains

IBC Relayer

Relayer services throughout the IBC ecosystem. We’re currently the number 2 relayer IN ALL OF COSMOS in terms of packets relayed (https://relayers.smartstake.io/ )

ReStake Auto-Compounding

WhisperNode provides a ReStake auto-compounding front-end fork for all supported chains.