LOA Labs Validator

We are a nimble, independent validator currently validating for Archway, Cosmos Hub, Regen Network, Quicksilver, Juno, Gravity Bridge, Kyve, Stargaze, and ixo. At present, we’re running relayers between the networks we validate for. Additionally, we operate an integrated product and marketing studio, including formal partnerships with Regen Network, Solid World, and BxC among others. Our professional expertise lies in marketing and communications, user experience design, partnerships, go-to-market strategy, business strategy, and product development.

LOA Labs Governance Priorities

  • 100% participation in on-chain governance
  • Participation in community processes and discussions on upgrading governance
  • Governance upgrade recommendations and related communication to the community about governance upgrades via the Forum and Twitter

Public Goods: Product Development

LOA intends to continue contributing and remain active in public goods funding advocacy and product development.

We have made several contributions to the Cosmos ecosystem to date, including:

  • LOA Node Toolkit: A highly configurable and lightweight Node.js toolkit for monitoring, governing, and automating transactions for validator nodes on Cosmos. We will continue to invest in upgrading this tool.
  • Validator Engagement Framework development: We will continue to invest and solicit feedback for this open-source framework.
  • Support for Cosmos ZERO, a cross-chain governance initiative to help bring Cosmos to net-zero carbon emissions

Why LOA?

LOA has been part of the Cosmos community since our initial involvement in web3 back in 2017, introduced by Regen Network. We are familiar with most of the individuals, comprehend the majority of challenges, have been immersed in the culture, and understand the vision. Our CEO, Dave Fortson, has extensive experience in the government and nonprofit sectors prior to joining Web3. He has worked for state legislators, managed political campaigns, lobbied before government bodies, successfully led referendums, and was even elected to public office in his early 20s.

The lessons learned about what not to do, as well as how we can adopt successful strategies, are crucial for the Archway community. How to pass policies, build movements, foster community, and activate and empower stakeholders — these skills can be combined to enhance governance, public goods funding, and Hub product development.

We are mission-driven and believe that one of the most exciting use cases of Web3 and blockchain involves tokenizing ecological and social impact. We have developed a Better World Blockchain Thesis. Since entering the Web3 realm, we have come to appreciate the power of decentralization, permissionlessness, and open-source frameworks and values.

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