KingSuper Validator

Introduction and Networks Supported

We’ve been validating since 2020 and currently validate for 28 networks. Some of the well-known ones include Sui, Axelar, Avalanche, Osmosis, The Graph Protocol, and many others. You can find a full list of the networks on our website


We consistently contribute by providing services to the networks we validate on. Here are some details: Services and Tools

One of our most popular contribution to cosmos ecosystem is our proposal bot that can pull proposals directly from the chain and post them into Discord, well-formatted and tagged with a specific role to inform about the new proposal. This reduces the headache for the team to post every proposal manually.

Not only that, it has all the necessary links:

  1. Link to the proposal on the explorer
  2. Link to Keplr where one can connect their wallet and vote

Currently, we are hosting it for around 16 Cosmos chains including Archway

Governance Believes

We have a very detailed SOP that guides our voting. The four founding pillars of our voting mechanism are:

  1. Understand the Proposal: We commit to thoroughly understanding each proposal, including its potential immediate and long-term impacts.
  2. Consider the Implications: We carefully evaluate the potential risks and benefits of each proposal and assess its alignment with the project’s mission and values.
  3. Listen to the Community: We actively seek diverse perspectives from our community while staying vigilant against potential biases and misinformation.
  4. Reflect on Personal Interests: We pledge to balance our personal interests with the overall health and success of our project.

In the spirit of transparency, our voting history is publicly available for review on our website along with our voting mechanisms on Governance Record

Archway Validator Details

Explorer Link: archwayvaloper1s0lankh33kprer2l22nank5rvsuh9ksatu7zp3
Commission: 8%

We do not operate our infrastructure on overcrowded servicer providers and our server is geographically located in India which contributes to the decentralization of the network


Discord: KingSuper