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Hello Archway Community from Openbitlab team :wave:

Archway Validator Address and stats: Openbitlab - archwayvaloper1zpr0n5mf6ktfdlr2l80pf0a0d0ddzcnfspzgfj

:family: About us
We are four crypto builders with 7 years of experience in network validation, active ecosystem contributors, and governance participants.

We supported 40+ networks, with 14 active mainnet positions and $20m+ in delegated assets. We work transversally on multiple ecosystems, from Cosmos (Kujira, Quicksilver) to substrate (Polkadot, Kusama, Moonbeam, Moonriver, Aleph Zero, Stafi…), passing through several L1s (Lisk, Near, Tezos…).
On the governance side, our track record is demonstrated by our validator page in Kujira, Quicksilver, Polkadot, Kusama.
We run RPC nodes on Cosmos-based chains (e.g. Quicksilver, Kujira).
We also run testnet nodes for a series of networks: Avail, Celestia, Aleph Zero, Lava Network, Namada, Shibuya, T3rn.

During our validation activities, we received awards related to our performances, such as Genesis Validator roles and delegations from Foundations.

:handshake: Archway ecosystem contribution
We participated in Augusta and Torii testnet, contributing to community discussions and feedback since March 2022.
We run a testnet node and are committed to launching a Kujira relayer once required by Archway team.
As part of our R&D, we also developed a tool to check the ranking of validator nodes by uptime.

:chains: Our Infrastructure
LXC container on bare metal dedicated server on OVH farm in Germany: AMD Ryzen 32 core, 132gb ram, 3.5TB NVME Datacenter edition, 1Gbs bandwidth.

Our infrastructure also includes a backup server ready to replace our main server and located on another farm.

Our servers integrate many protection and monitoring features:

  • Zabbix agents connected to our Zabbix servers for real-time monitoring
  • Encrypted disk, to protect data from physical access
  • UFW firewall, to block access to unused ports
  • Fail2Ban, to block incorrect authentication attempts
  • SSH access through simple user using ssh keys (no direct root access allowed)
  • Periodically change of the root password

We’ve developed “srvcheck”, a multifunctional solution akin to a Swiss Army knife for blockchain monitoring. This tool has been meticulously crafted to safeguard the reliability and availability of our validation services across all chains.

The monitoring capabilities of “srvcheck” are amplified by the integration of Prometheus and Grafana. These enhancements significantly improve our ability to track, analyze, and visualize our performance metrics, further ensuring optimal service delivery.

We’ve expanded our toolkit with the addition of “srvbeat”, a redundant system designed to verify any physical downtime of our dedicated servers. This bolsters our existing tool, “srvcheck”, strengthening our server surveillance capability.

:information_source: General Info
Name: Openbitlab
Twitter: @Openbitlab_node
Discord: openbitlab#9650
Location: Italy
Languages: English :uk:, Italian :it:

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As part of our commitment to the Foundation delegation program, we launched Archway RPC :chains:

You can access our services here:

Github PR: Add openbitlab endpoints by openbitlab2 · Pull Request #167 · archway-network/networks · GitHub