FORBOLE - Validator Profile


We are Forbole

Forbole Tech is under Forbole Group, we are a blockchain technology company founded in Hong Kong that offers reliable, native and scalable blockchain infrastructure solutions to help businesses and individuals navigate the Web3 world.

Forbole Tech offers 5 core products:

  • Validator infrastructure
  • Native staking service
  • Blockchain data analytics tools
  • Developer tools
  • Enterprise solution

Founded by a team of blockchain veterans, we provide secure and innovative blockchain solutions to deliver long-term reward and growth to our end-users.

We are a well-established professional blockchain validator and we’ve been in the staking service business for over 5 years. Started as a genesis validator on Cosmos Hub, we have been growing rapidly along with the boom of Proof-of-Stake blockchains.

Why Forbole

Since 2018, Forbole has been offering staking services and become one of the leading staking provider in Asia. With our technical expertise and proven track record of reliability, we have attracted substantial stake and trust from institutions and retail token holders.

  • Staking - 60+ Crypto Assets
  • Trusted by - 50k+ Stakers Worldwide in 5 years
  • Securing - $200M+ Value and keep increasing
  • Reliable - 24/7 Monitoring & Alert

How we engage with our stakers

We communicate with our audience through our Twitter, Telegram, Instagram and our Linkedin channels. And keep creating staking guides to minimize the staking obstacles, encourage more adoption from the networks we validate.

In addition, create and enrich our blog content where we publish articles related to our validating networks and some blockchain news.

Earn passive income through staking your $ARCH

  1. Pick your trusted provider like Forbole to secure Archway network
  2. Utilize our infrastructure by staking $ARCH with Forbole
  3. You earn some staking rewards

How we react on Archway governance proposal

As a validator, we put our governance participation in high priority, to show support on our validating networks and ensure minimum downtime. We try our best to perform actively in all governance proposals which represents our $ARCH holders’ interests.

Connect with Forbole

Get in touch with us if any questions:

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @forbole