Luganodes Validator Profile

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Validator Details: Luganodes
Commission: 10%
Uptime: 100%

Luganodes is a Swiss-operated, institutional-grade, non-custodial staking provider born out of Lugano Plan B Program, an initiative driven by Tether & City of Lugano. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch validator services and contributing to the success of various blockchain networks. Here’s some important information about us:

  • Currently, we are the world’s fastest-growing AAA rated verified provider with ~$600 million worth of staked assets and live on 23+ PoS networks amongst Top 10.
  • Luganodes is a top validator on Polygon, Polkadot and is a super representative on TRON making us the leading block producers in each ecosystem.
  • Luganodes comprises a dedicated team of 30 full-time employees, which includes 8 expert Site Reliability Engineers and 7 proficient Software Engineers across all time-zones (US, Europe, Asia).
  • Luganodes is a cash-flow positive bootstrapped startup with jurisdictional support from Lugano, Switzerland.
  • Recently, got ISO27001 certified and security audits for SOC2 Type 2, GDPR Compliance and Slashing insurance (underwritten by MunichRe) underway by end of July 2023.
  • Institutions staking with Luganodes: Bitfinex, Tier-1 VC, Top PoS Foundation, Coinlist and other clients.
  • Custodians integrations for staking: Bitgo and Anchorage.
  • Partnered with Ankr to provide blockchain infrastructure to Polygon Supernets and Binance Side Chains projects.
  • Launch partners for Polygon zkEVM and Genesis Validator for Sui, Canto etc. Launched as 1 of the 5 delegated staking pool operators for Aptos.

Beliefs/Values regarding governance: At Luganodes, we strongly believe in decentralized governance and the power of community participation. We actively engage in network governance processes by voting on proposals, sharing our insights, and collaborating with other validators and community members to shape the future of the blockchain ecosystem.

Additional Contributions and Services: Apart from validating, we also contribute to the ecosystem in several ways, including:

  1. Running public RPCs: We provide public RPCs for the communities like: SUI, Polygon zkEVM, Ronin, TON, Polygon, Canto, Archway. These RPCs help developers interact with the blockchain networks and build decentralized applications.
  2. Open Source: We actively contribute to the open-source community. We have developed * nebctl, built to simplify the process of setting up and maintaining a Nebula network by automating most of the steps required. It aims to serve as a seamless, one-click solution for managing a Nebula network. We also built out documentation for Holepunch
  3. Snapshots: We regularly take and provide snapshots for networks such as SUI and Archway. These snapshots serve as reliable backups and aids in network stability.
  4. Relayers: We support Gitopia by running relayers, which contribute to the seamless flow of information between different blockchain networks.
  5. Technical Content: We produce educational content to share our knowledge and insights with the community. Our technical articles cover topics like: The Sui Network: A Validator’s Perspective, A Study on Aptos Parallel Transaction Engine, A Glance into Sui’s Object-Centric Data Model

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of security, reliability, and performance in our validator operations. We invite delegators to join us in our journey towards a decentralized future and benefit from our experience and expertise.

Community Channels:

  1. Website:
  2. Twitter: @Luganodes
  3. LinkedIn: Luganodes
  4. Medium:
  5. Email:

Feel free to reach out to us through any of our channels for more information, support, or any questions you may have.