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Hello Archway community!

I’m Ivan from from, a professional Web3 company from Spain, that has been selected as a genesis validator after participating in Archway’s testnet, we’ll push forward to help grow the ecosystem :european_castle:. - Who are we?

At Blockscope we are a team of Computer Engineers of blockchain enthusiasts with broad experience having worked for biggest banks and telco companies in Spain. We arrived to the blockchain space 3 years ago and have been working restlessly since then.

We run professional services on 20+ PoS chains and many testnets, providing high grade infrastructure and services to blockchain projects a 0% CO2 footprint :seedling:. We secure around 200 million $ in assets for our users.

Blockscope has 2 main business verticals:

:package: Validator operations: with security practices, 24/7 monitoring and high grade servers in multiple chains including Sui, Solana, Near, Mina, Moonriver, and many more from Cosmos and Polkadot ecosystems.

:gear: Software engineering: building tools for blockchain projects such as Near, Solana, Sui, Umee, and Archway in the near future.

Web3 builders

We believe in returning added value to projects by helping grow their ecosystems, that’s why we don’t just set up validator infra but also develop great tools and platforms that provide useful functionality for users.

Some of the things we’ve already built :hammer_and_wrench::

  • : top analytics platform and explorer for the Near ecosystem.
  • Sui Sonar : validator monitoring platform with advanced features and multichannel integration.
  • Zomblox : validator monitoring tool for Solana validator nodes.
  • uScope : validator monitoring tool for Umee and Sei Network price feeders.

Community advocates

Besides our technical side we like to evangelize and spread the word about Web3 via our different communication channels, such as Twitter, Telegram or Medium.

We think governance is a very important aspect of a healthy decentralized ecosystem, so we actively participate in governance discussion and proposals providing our view to tokenomics and technical subject debates.

Our Archway validator

  • :compass: Explorer page:
  • :bank: Commission: 5%
  • :desktop_computer: Dedicated server (France)

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