Archway's Participation in ETH Istanbul

Proposal for Archway’s Participation in ETH Istanbul

As Archway continues to grow and establish its presence in the web3 space, it’s crucial to seize opportunities that allow us to showcase our advancements, engage with the community, and foster collaborations. One such opportunity is the upcoming ETH Istanbul event.

To host a half-day event during ETH Istanbul dedicated entirely to Archway, encompassing development workshops, discussions, and networking sessions.


  1. Development Workshops: A series of hands-on workshops where participants can dive deep into Archway’s tools, platforms, and solutions. This will be an excellent opportunity for developers to get firsthand experience with Archway’s offerings.

  2. Panel Discussions: Organize panel discussions featuring key members from the Archway team and other industry experts. Topics can range from the future roadmap of Archway, integration possibilities, to the challenges and opportunities in the web3 space.

  3. Networking Sessions: Allocate time for attendees to network, fostering potential collaborations, partnerships, and community building.

  4. Showcase: Display Archway’s recent achievements, case studies, and success stories. This will not only highlight Archway’s capabilities but also inspire potential adopters.


  • Visibility: Enhance Archway’s visibility and presence in the web3 community.

  • Engagement: Direct engagement with developers, potential partners, and enthusiasts.

  • Feedback: Gather valuable feedback and insights from the community.

  • Collaborations: Foster potential collaborations and partnerships.

While ETH Istanbul is primarily an Ethereum-focused event, it attracts a diverse audience from the broader blockchain and web3 community. Hosting a dedicated Archway event will not only bolster our presence but also pave the way for future collaborations and integrations.

I’m not entirely sure if this is the right platform to propose this initiative, but given its significance in marketing and community engagement, I believe it’s worth considering. Please share your thoughts and feedback on this proposal.