What is going on?

It’s Babu, an early Archway supporter and follower.

This is my first and perhaps last post on the forum.

In this post I would like to raise the question of what is going on?

After strong fundraising by PhiLabs, successful testnet with involving up to 10k validators/node operators, fully purchased public sale on CoinList, having built and organized such a heavy ecosystem, launching the network without any problems and having a working mechanism on.

What is going on?

Large sums are allocated for grants and liquidity, and what do we have? Astrovault bites the hand that “gave birth” and feeds him?

Archway takes care about developers. Totally right!
Archway takes care about ecosystem. Totally right!
Archway takes care about financial support of the ecosystem. Totally right!
But, does Archway take care about community? Not sure. Not much. Totally.

Almost 6 month after Coinlist public sale which was priced at $0.20 per token. Have you ever wondered, how these guys feel?
Did some search in official discord of Archway and found an answer:
“Due to legal reasons, the team can’t discuss CEX listing in advance.
CEX listings will always be announced by the Centralized Exchange.”

Pls, explain us, what do you mean by legal reasons ?
Why other Cosmos SDK built chains can?

Where is the liquidity?

Osmosis is a Top1 Decentralised Exchange in Cosmos app-chains world.

Where is the liquidity?
At the moment of this post writing, current liquidity varies at $11,822 values accompanied by 24h Trading volume $8,546

Archway’s primary community are Cosmonauts, who love the Hub and the ecosystem, and according to historical customs they use Osmosis to trade, to take assets for staking etc. Why guys?

Roadmap is an another interesting moment :slight_smile:

Dima 0l 25.11.2023 8:37

hey team, 2024 year is just around the corner, do you have any roadmap for the project for next year?

Coha05 :orange_circle: 25.11.2023 11:05

Team will share if there will be ^^

The End
You can replay, you can skip. I’m not angry and I won’t be. No offence.

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Welcome to the forums, and thanks for contributing!

I won’t address everything on your post, but will respond to a couple pieces.

I’m really sorry that you’re seeing it this way. We’re excited to present the opportunity towards shared growth, which this definitively does represent. Additionally, Astrovault was built on the Archway chain, but was not birthed by Archway, and funds raised by Archway were not raised by the separate Astrovault team. We’re excited to continue building our application on Archway, which we expect to be a profitable venture that enables us to provide for our families as full time builders at some point in the future.

Osmosis has done wonders for scaling the Cosmos Ecosystem. Some added context about how Archway grows, however, is that it monetizes its blockspace. Transactions on-chain burn ARCH, lowering the supply while showing growing demand. Osmosis has recently migrated to a somewhat similar, more rudimentary design. Migrating transactions to Osmosis benefits Osmosis, but definitively does NOT contribute to Archway in any meaningful way. Additionally, with their Prop 838, Osmosis has told Archway that we will not be considered strategic partners, or be given any liquidity incentives.

Anybody may provide additional liquidity to Osmosis should they choose. They’re not choosing to. There doesn’t currently seem to be much in it for Archway.

As for DeFi protocols in Cosmos, there’s over $800k worth of ARCH in liquidity on Astrovault right now which we are intending to grow, and it appears as though Archway is working with other entities that are more contributive than Osmosis to further liquidity throughout the Cosmos Ecosystem.

In terms of CeFi protocols, this recent CoinEx listing has helped with global ARCH liquidity. It’s still a new project, but steps are being taken in the right direction!


Hey @0xbabulos, I am not sure how knowledgeable regarding the current legal landscape for cryptocurrencies in the US so I will try to keep my response high level. The SEC sued LBRY alleging that its token was an unregistered security. The SEC used the fact the LBRY was involved and marketed the listing on exchanges as one of the factors in determining that the LBRY Token is a security. Because of this allegation, we have taken the approach of not discussing CEX’s listing as it is a practice commonly viewed by the SEC as an offering of an investment contract which could subject Archway to the U.S. regulatory purview with the negative impact it entail. The SEC won its motion for summary judgment and LBRY was subsequently forced to shut down operation due to the fines and legal fees associated with defending itself against the SEC’s claim. Archway is seeking to avoid such an outcome here and thus is trying to follow a compliant regulatory path for the safety and health of the protocol.