Stakin Validator Profile

Hi everyone, we’re Stakin! :wave:

We’re a non-custodial infrastructure provider for Proof-of-Stake blockchains located in Tallinn, Estonia. Stakin serves institutional crypto players, foundations, custodians, exchanges, and a large community of individual token holders.

We provide services on 40+ blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Cosmos, Solana, Polygon, NEAR, Sui, Archway, and more.

Stakin has over 4 years of experience in the PoS blockchain space. 50,000+ delegators have trusted over $660m+ in assets with Stakin. Apart from operating our validator services, we also offer:

  • Public RPCs
  • IBC Relayers
  • Staking APIs
  • Staking Tracking Dashboard

:orange_circle: You can find all our services for Archway here.

Stakin’s infrastructure is optimized for security and reliability. We work with more than 10 leading bare metal and cloud providers to ensure that our validator nodes can always access robust and reliable hardware and network resources.

Learn more about Stakin :point_down:

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