Outerspace Staking Validator Profile

Outerspace Staking

Outerspace Staking is a small yet reliable independent staking provider. With a strong technical background and a passion for blockchain ecosystems, Outerspace Staking offers a secure and trustworthy platform. Our experience extends beyond the Cosmos ecosystem, including Substrate-based and other nodes, as we believe in the future of cross-chain.

Hardware Infrastructure:
server locations span Finland, France, Germany, the USA, and Cambodia currently.

With a journey in the crypto since 2017, Outerspace Staking has been actively involved in validating blockchain networks since September 2020. Outerspace Staking have earned recognition for our expertise and achievements in various validator competitions and tests. Notably, we secured the 1st place in the Automata Node Championship, ranked among the top 50 in the Archway Torii testnet, and became a Genesis Founding Member of Mina. Additionally, we have proven our proficiency as a Chainflip Smooth Operator.

Contributions to the Crypto Ecosystem:
a trusted service provider (operating mixnode, gateway and network-requester)for NYM, a privacy project dedicated to safeguarding metadata.


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