Liquidity Council Operating Framework

The liquidity council will operate with the following framework, which is open to review after the initial wave of applications & funding is assigned.

Proposed Operating Framework

Submission Period

Council will open a new forum topic to take submissions following the published guidelines.

Decision Period

Council will undertake a scoring process of each submission using the agreed rubric. Submissions will be prioritised in the order they came in, and duplicate submissions will go to the back of the queue.

Decisions on each submission could take a few weeks depending on the clarity of information provided.

Decisions will be made public via the Archway Governance Forum with a brief overview of why the decision was made for/against.

Execution Period

Council publishes the first cohort of liquidity beneficiaries and submits any governance proposals required to allocate funds.

Transfers will be made from the Liquidity Councils multi-signature wallet to beneficiaries.


The Council will monitor the beneficiary and the project’s deployment of funds to ensure they are in accordance with the original submission.