Huginn Validator Profile

Entity name and location
Huginn - Turkey

Infrastructure location
Multiple locations (mostly in Singapore, UK and Poland) with different service providers.

Baremetal (in Asia and Europe).

Technical make-up of team

Our technical team consists of:

  • 2 SysOps with 8 and 4 years of experience, (working full time on shifts)
  • 1 DevOps with 3 years of experience, (full time)
  • 1 full stack developer with 2 years of experience, (full time)
  • 1 more DevOps as on-call backup when needed.

Years of experience
Two years.

Validating Networks

  • Archway (Commission: 5.00%)
  • Umee (Commission: 7.00%)
  • Omniflix (Commission: 7.00%)
  • Quicksilver (Commission: 5.00%)
  • Kujira (Commission: 3.00%)
  • Gitopia (Commission: 5.00%)
  • Jackal (Commission: 5.00%)
  • Aura (Commission: 5.00%)
  • Humans (Commissio: 5.00%)

Our Governance Process

  • Software Upgrade: Our technical team examines the code and endorses the proposal if there are no issues.
  • Text Proposal / Community Spending: Our initial step involves taking feedback from our delegators via our social media networks. This is followed by an internal appraisal of the situation, wherein we consider insights from the appropriate project team prior to rendering our vote.

Furthermore, we attribute significant importance to the active tracking and participation in dialogues on platforms like Commonwealth, recognizing the value of such discussions in informing our decision-making process.

Other Contributions

  • Alongside managing the leading Turkish-language Cosmos group (Cosmos Airdrop Türkiye) and the Archway Turkish group, we offer specialized support in Turkish through Telegram and Twitter for noteworthy projects such as Osmosis, OmniFlix, Sei, Onomy and Stride. We’ve put together all the essential info and access points in one convenient location: Link Tree
  • In addition, we’re well-versed in operating relayers and are currently active on more than 20 networks. We’re excited and looking forward to launching relayer operations once IBC is enabled for Archway.
  • To enhance the performance and dependability of various networks, we provide services including endpoint, RPC, LCD, GRPC, and snapshot support. For a detailed look at our service offerings, please check out the documentation at our Docs website.
  • We believe in collaboration for mutual growth. That’s why we put effort into creating in-depth tutorials that empower the community. These include clear, step-by-step instructions on a variety of topics such as setting up nodes, creating wallets, using faucets, staking, and setting up node health notifications, among others. Feel free to visit our forum for more insights.
  • Additionally, we put together valuable video content, focusing on project analyses and reviews, especially for projects that pique our interest, via our dedicated YouTube channel.
  • Lastly, we’re committed to keeping the Turkish-speaking community informed. Our team translates and shares updates and improvements related to the projects we work with. Additionally, we write and publish articles that are specifically tailored to these projects on our blog in both Turkish and English.

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