Liquidity Council

The temperature was checked via the many comments and discussion in the gov call. Seems warm and fuzzy. Requiring a certain number of likes before something goes to chain is completely unenforceable and ridiculous. Seems engagement on the forum isn’t very active at the moment but there’s been no negative reception. :ok_hand:


Based on feedback received on the forum and governance call, the only primary amendment that seems desired is to lengthen the term for council seats from 3 months to 6 months. I think this sounds great and officially support that, but obviously the community can give feedback directly as we see the council in action.

I consider the additional governance call the temperature check requested, as I pushed to make sure I had that opportunity to hear feedback directly from the community, and feedback I’ve received both here and in private is basically universal support.

In my opinion the best time for this proposal was July 3rd, but the next best time is right now. As this proposal has been live on the forum for one week, and I have actively contributed to governance discussion and feedback, I intend to push this proposal on-chain, as is, very shortly.

Thanks everybody who has contributed feedback, and should this pass, I look forward to seeing this catalyze the Archway ecosystem, and will continue responding to feedback and ideation during the voting period.


I think it is a weak argument to have “likes” for a governance spending proposal. A more valid metric is 280 views, which gives a nice confirmation that part of the community has already seen this. Also, that doesn’t stop me from “printing” bots and using different IPs to count or like them.

I think this proposal has been discussed a lot and is good to go, with a few things to fix.I will support.


Proposal 16 - Liquidity Council is officially live for voting!


Catching up, good discussions, in support, voting yes.


Ethan Illingworth - Candidate Statement for Liquidity Council

I’m offering my expertise for the Liquidity Council position on behalf of Phi Labs. I’m an experienced Product Manager working within the engineering team Phi Labs, core contributors to Archway.

I’ve personally been contributing up and down the technical stack in the space for 6+ years across Cosmos, Ethereum, and Polkadot ecosystems, so I have a good rounded knowledge of each of their nuances and strengths. I have hands-on experience building/speccing decentralised applications and was part of building the Archway mSig so am familiar with the operation and security implications of being a signer there too. I believe I’m well-equipped to securely administer Community Pool fund processes for the council and look forward to helping boost the Archway ecosystem with the deployment of these funds in this manner.

I will ensure thorough analysis on incoming proposals and requests to safely manage the pool, as well as ensuring responses in a timely manner and with transparency in mind for the rest of the community.


Ryan Haczynski (aka “The Phunky One”) - Candidate Statement for Liquidity Council

Hello, Archway!

At the behest of fellow friends in the ecosystem, I wanted to throw my hat in the ring to help with the Liquidity Council. As the Director of Fellowship and Protocol Relations for Lucky Friday Labs, LLC, I spend a lot of my time communicating with various protocol teams across the Web3 space. Due to Archway being our first “genesis validator” in the Cosmos ecosystem, our co-founders have tasked me with staying in the know with all that happens in the ecosystem. Moreover, as a fan of on-chain governance, I’ve enjoyed our weekly calls and the deliberate discussions we’ve been having around these issues.

Although this will be my first Cosmos-based multisig, I serve as a signatory on various multisig wallets, some of which only deal with delegated votes in OpenGov for the Polkadot ecosystem, whereas others handle funds directly. I am also involved in several other DAOs and realize the work that is some times required to reach consensus among a group.

It would be my pleasure to serve the Archway ecosystem in this capacity, and should I not be performing my duties well I am willing to step aside for someone else who could do a better job moving forward.

Thank you in advance for your consideration, and I am always around if you’d like to chat with me one-on-one about this or any other matter.




Dear Archway Community,

I am very happy to serve on the Liquidity Council and wish to reassure you of my qualifications and dedication to this role. My involvement in the crypto space dates back to 2019, where I’ve specialized in the financial and operational aspects, particularly in token management. My experience as a signatory at the Archway mSig has further solidified my understanding of the operational and security nuances that are essential for managing the Community Pool fund processes effectively.

As a member of the Liquidity Council, I am committed to diligently overseeing all incoming proposals and requests to ensure the safe and effective management of the pool. Transparency is a value I hold in high regard; rest assured that all actions and decisions will be communicated clearly and openly to the community. Additionally, I understand the fast-paced nature of the crypto world and commit to providing timely and effective responses to all matters that come before the council.

Thank you for your trust and support. I am fully committed to contributing to the success of the Archway ecosystem.

Archway Foundation


Alexandra Prada’s Candidate Statement for Liquidity Council

Dear All,

I’ve been appointed by Phi Labs, a core contributor of Archway, to form part of the Liquidity Council as adopted by the community in the governance proposal of 21/08. I’m an attorney with over 10 years of experience working as an in-house lawyer. I’ve spent the last 5 years of my career working in the technology space, including working on the AML and fraud prevention industry. My background includes data privacy and legal compliance. Prior to working as Associate General Counsel for Phi Labs, I worked at All in Bits.

I’m excited to be part of the Liquidity Council and contribute to the growth and success of the Archway ecosystem while ensuring all proposals handled by the Council are revised and executed responsibly and always in the best interest of the Archway community.


Jordan Xavier - Candidate Statement for Liquidity Council

I would like to submit my name for consideration within the Archway Liquidity Council as a community representative.

As a serial entreprenuer and founder of multiple businesses in the Web3 space, I have gained significant experience with creating, organizing, managing and expanding decentralized business, foundations, non-profits, and Layer-1 blockchains across multiple ecosystem including both Ethereum and Cosmos. My expertise lies in operational strategy, business management, and compliance with blockchain technology.

My companies currently validate on multiple Cosmos blockchains (Secret Network, Jackal Protocol), manage compliance software for private DeFi, as well as offer advisory services for both Web2 and Web3 entities.

I have been on numerous foundational and governance multi-sigs and have been an integral part of L1 governance as an director, coordinator, and validator.

I am well equipped to handle the duties laid out for Liquidity Council multi-sig members, and I look forward to contributing to the Archway ecosystem. Thank you for this opportunity and consideration.

Best Regards,



Stopping by to signal support. We’ll be voting yes on this proposal.


Just adding here, prior to tomorrow’s governance call, that incentivizing off-chain liquidity is VERY much outside the initial scope of the liquidity council.

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We wasted SOOOO much time figuring out frameworks for treating these funds like grants. They’re not grants. 270 MILLION ARCH tokens are reserved for grants. Spend those, not the only 10% of the tokens reserved for the community.

If you want to spend the little funds the community has, then it should go via a separate prop, as this was clearly not accepted under the approved scope of the liquidity council.


Hello everyone!

I would like to apply as a member of the liquidity council.
My name is Juan Calderon and I am part of the Nacion Crypto team as a Bus dev.
I have more than 5 years of experience in the crypto world as an active investor and working together with Nacion Crypto for more than 3 years.

With Nacion crypto we have been involved in the Cosmos ecosystem for almost 3 years, actively contributing to its growth from the community side, content creation, technique (validation nodes) and developer education at the LATAM level.

We have supported Archway with different tasks since before its launch and we feel that here we can also contribute all this experience and knowledge of the market towards the liquidity council.

Thank you so much



Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Liquidity Council! I know the Nacion Crypto team has been an active participant within our community since its early days and I would personally be happy to have you being part of the Liquidity Council.

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Thank you so much. We’d love to be part of it

Hi Folks,

I would like to apply as a member of the liquidity council. My name is Jim Parillo. I’m a member of Figment Capital. We’re an early investor in Archway and several other Cosmos chains. I have experience leading the Sommelier KPI Council and am a member of the Osmosis Grants Program oversight committee. Lastly, I’ve been very active in the Cosmos Forum on Replicated Security.

I’ve been involved in crypto for ~10 years and believe someone with my background would be very helpful in unlocking liquidity and deploying it into strong projects building on Archway. We have many strong connections with several validators in the Cosmos and try our best to proactively address any challenges that arise.

Before joining Figment Capital, I worked as a CPA. I am more assisting in building a transparent process that can be effectively executed and improves funding flows. I have experience building team best practices, communication strategies, and drafting templates that can used by applicants seeking liquidity from the Liquidity Council. I believe Figment Capital’s investment in Archway means we have skin in the game and are incentivized to ensure liquidity is deployed reasonably, responsibly, and efficiently.

I truly believe having more participants who sit outside of the core dev team will help make these decisions and reduce any individual liability. By adding outside council members, we also accelerate decentralization over governance and network decision making.

Happy to answer any questions regarding my qualifications and would love to better understand next steps in the process.

Many thanks!


Hi Jim! Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Liquidity Council. As an early investor in the Archway project, I think you will be a great addition to the Liquidity Council. We will contact you for next steps in the next few days once we’ve cleared approval from the community,

Alexandra Prada
Liquidity Council