Liquidity Council Submissions

We are requesting 250,000 ARCH to be deposited in the ERIS Archway Amplifier

Project Viability

Request ARCH funds to mint ampARCH.

Security & Compliance

This isn’t a grant and funds are being deployed to liquid staking contracts. Contracts have been audited and before the capital is deployed contract admin can be moved to a community-owned multi-sig.

Community Engagement

We are actively following Archway development and try helping Archway to build up collaborations accross cosmos. We are happy to help integrating ampARCH in our partner network.

Past Performance & Achievements

ERIS is the second largest liquid staking provider in Cosmos with a total TVL of over 3 M$ and multiple audits from multiple auditing firms.

Team & Advisors

We are a team of 4 people, me being the public facing person. While we are not publicly doxxed, happy to do a KYC/KYB with Phi Labs.

Tokenomics & Distribution

Tokens deployed will participate in our $ERIS airdrop described here: ERIS 1.0: Claimdrop. TLDR: Hold amp[TOKEN] and start earning… | by Eris Protocol | Aug, 2023 | Medium

Use of Funds

This is not a grant. We’re not using the funds. More liquidity in this pool enables more liquidity to utilize ampARCH throughout the ecosystem. This will also make Amp Governance more interesting for validators to participate.

Alignment with Archway Values

We believe in sustainable growth and not overinflated growth by a farming token. We also believe that the users are a central point, so the full power of delegations and governance stays with depositors into our protocol.

Exit Strategy

Liquidity can be started to withdraw any time. Unbonding takes 21-24 days.

Feedback Mechanism

We are in regular contact with Archway developers on our integration progress.

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