Liquidity Council Submissions

Project Viability

Request ARCH funds to mint sARCH to supply liquidity to the xARCH-sARCH hybrid pool on

Security & Compliance

You guys deploy the funds to the proper contracts. This isn’t a grant. While the contracts have not yet been audited, they have been sanity checked by Phi Labs. Audits are expensive.

Community Engagement

Astrovault has consistently been active and engaged in the community, twitter, telegram, etc. Liquid Finance has also consistently been active and engaged.

Past Performance & Achievements

Astrovault has over $1M in liquidity on Archway, over $24k in Protocol Earned Liquidity, and nearly 3,000 active users to this point. Liquid Finance is the most used general purpose liquid staking derivative on Archway.

Team & Advisors

The Astrovault team; @EthanWood, @BEngEE, FSoares, @CrypticPixxie, and myself.
Advisors include but are not limited to @CryptoChem0000, @jxr50, @MrFreeman, and Christos Makridis

The Liquid Finance team, Lydia Labs, is also publicly documented. I don’t speak for them.

Tokenomics & Distribution

For what’s applicable, these funds would earn AXV, which will then be owned by the community pool.

Use of Funds

This is not a grant. We’re not using the funds. More liquidity in this pool enables more liquidity to utilize sARCH throughout the ecosystem.

Alignment with Archway Values

Archway wants to create sustainable Web3. Astrovault is the most sustainable AMM model ever built. Liquid Finance shows Archway’s values by not launching their own governance token and trying to sustain on ARCH rewards.

Exit Strategy

If/when liquidity is to be pulled, it will forcibly be withdrawn however most balances the pool, as any mix of sARCH and xARCH. Funds could potentially require a 21-24 day unbonding period. The 1% soft-lockup fee can be bypassed.

Feedback Mechanism

We will regularly update the LC on Astrovault’s progress, changes, partnerships, and strategy.