Attempted fraud (scam)

Good day everyone! I am very interested in the project, but the other day I encountered a scam attempt and I want to tell you what is happening.

A certain person in the telegram channel reports that he has insider information about the token and offers to buy it at an early stage. To do this, he created a fraudulent token ARCH on the BSC network and posted detailed instructions on how to buy it, instructions are here (in Russian). I checked through the scan and was surprised how many people he had already scammed. I want to warn the entire community not to fall for this trick.

I have reported the scam token to DeBank and I hope this information is helpful!

Thank you for your attention!


Hello mate
You can also report that token via BSC explorer.
Thank you so much for warning us, maybe you should also post it in Discord #Scam-Alerts channel…

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I immediately reported this on the project’s Discord.

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Don’t go to this link.
This proposal is scam!!!

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