Crosnest Validator Profile

Hello everyone,

This is Florent from Crosnest. We’re validating on PoS networks since late 2020.

Information about Crosnest
Validator Name: Crosnest
Organization Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Average Commission rate: 5%

We are running validators on 45 networks, all Cosmos based; the full list can be found at the following link.

Validator Infrastructure
We run a redundant validator infrastructure, using horcrux when possible. The different nodes of our validators run in different countries and at different ISPs.

IBC Relaying
We run IBC relayers for every chain that we validate on, including Archway. We have relayed over 1 million IBC transactions, for a total value close to $400 million.

Reach out to us
You can reach out to us on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.